Re: Palabos compile error.

Hi yann,

  I have:
 python(xy)install in 
                                       C:\Program Files\pythonxy
     python-setuptools,python-numpy,python-matplotlib,....,install in  
  cygwin install in 
    mpich2-1.4.1p1-win-ia32.msi  install in 
 the soucre code of palabos in 
 I wand to compile the Palabos-Python interface,
 my questions:
    how to configure MPICH2
    how to modify the makefile in  D:\palabos-v1.1r0\pythonic\src
    how to modify the makefile in  D:\palabos-v1.1r0\pythonic\src\compilePalabos
 and there are another some questions that I haven't aware of but very important.
 If you can,please give me answer, thank you very much!

Dear firefan,

What is not working? Do you have some error messages?

Dear yann:

    I had installed imgeMagick:C:\ImageMagick-6.7.2-Q16
    add set system environment: path=C:\ImageMagick-6.7.2-Q16, 
    but  durring runing codeblocks on windows, 
    there are some ppm files in ./temp directory, but not be gif  files, why?
    what shold do I, please tell me?

Dear yann:
I have a geometry.dat, as I compile and execute the loadgeometry.cpp, there are some NaN of density value, why?