Problems with running Example vof damBreak3d


I’m new in LBM and trying to do some examples.
I have problems when running damBreak3d example

The following message appears:

Error missing some input parameter
Palabos IO error: Can’t read command-line argument 1: there are no command-line arguments
The parameters for this program are :

  1. Output directory name.
  2. kinematic viscosity in physical Units (m^2/s) .
  3. Bond number (Bo = rho * g * L^2 / gamma).
  4. Contact angle (in degrees).
  5. number of lattice nodes for lz .
  6. delta_t .
  7. maxIter .
    Reasonable parameters on a desktop computer are: ./damBreak3d tmp 1.e-5 100 80.0 40 1.e-3 80000
    Reasonable parameters on a parallel machine are: ./damBreak3d tmp 1.e-6 100 80.0 100 1.e-4 80000

Has anybody an idea to fix it? Maybe it’s an application error.
Thank you in advance

Ok, it was an application error.
There is no bug…


Have to admit I have the same issues as mentioned above. I Use code blocks. Have I forgot to include any files in the project?
Hope you can help me out.


Maybe you forgot to define the input parameter in your terminal.

Type in your Terminal:
./damBreak3d tmp 1.e-5 100 80.0 40 1.e-3 80000

BR Steven