Problems with Codeblocks Ubuntu 18.04

I used git to download the latest stable Palabos into Ubuntu 18.04. I was able to run the examples without any trouble from a terminal.
When I attempted to do this with Codeblocks, with which I am not very familiar, trouble was encountered, for example with poiseuille.cpp. This includes the line
#include “palabos2D.h”
and elicits the response “No such file or directory,” although it appears in ~/palabos/src
I added this directory to my $PATH, although I did not expect it to work, and it didn’t. Any insight I could get would be appreciated. I would even be interested in using a different IDE if someone else has been successful with it.

I have no experiemce with codeblocks. you could certainlfy use vscode. fot compilation you can juste type make in the directory you want to compile.