Problem with opening a *.stl file by Palabos

I am trying to run the externalFlowAroundObstacle example for my own *.stl file made by the Solidworks software (please see attached file.)
I’ve set all the domain size etc. according to the scales of the new geometry in *.xml file. But when I try to run the file, the following error appears in the output.txt:

Reading STL data for the obstacle geometry.
There is a problem with the boundary of the triangular surface mesh.
The problematic vertex is: [118.801, 97.9873, 0.0499999]

Any solution?!

attache file:

you must construct triangular mesh of the object before using. I recommend you to use meshLab.
follow the steps below, if you like to use meshLab:
1- sampling filter
2- reconstruction filter mesh
3- find holes and fill them
4 export as STL file
5- drink a cup of coffee :slight_smile:

I have modified your file but you should refine the mesh structure if you need smoother one.

[b]Dear Arman,
Thank you for reply and your time.
I’ve tried to read the modified file attached. Unfortunately it has problem as well. Only one line is written in the output.txt like:

Reading STL data for the obstacle geometry.

and nothing else!
It should be note that I use triangle mode to export the *.stl files in the Solidworks as well. So, I don’t have problem with other geometries, like Spheroids etc. It seems Palabos has problem with sharp edges. Because the addressed vertex in my previous post is exactly located in the trailing edge of airfoil.
By the way, hope to find a solution for that in this forum. I’ve tried a lot of ways, changing the sizes, no. of triangles, resolution etc. but non of them don’t work!

Palabos Technical Support Team, please help me! :-([/b]

I solved the problem!

Hi King,

I met a similar problem with you. May you tell me how to solve this one?