Problem with application of new class of complex dynamics (variable omega)

Hi community

I have a problem with the implementation of a new dynamic.

I created a new one of variable omega class.

Initially I implemented the dynamics as (it worked but did not change the omega)

#define Dynamics My_dynamic_Class

since it didn’t work I implemented it as

#define Dynamics (My_dynamic_Class, lattice, lattice.getBoundingBox())

but when i compile it found this error

> error: ‘class std::auto_ptr<plb::MultiBlockLattice2D<double,plb::descriptors::ForcedD2Q9Descriptor> >
>’ has no member named ‘getBoundingBox’ dynamics<T,DESCRIPTOR>(Omega0, alpha, NNNN), lattice, lattice.getBoundingBox())
>                                                                                                     ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Microchannel2D-gradient-Slip-DynamicsLocal-Guo.cpp:492:113: 
> note: in definition of macro ‘Dynamics’ dynamics<T,DESCRIPTOR>(Omega0, alpha, NNNN), lattice, lattice.getBoundingBox())`
>                                                                                                       ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Can someone please tell me how to implement a dynamic that needs to change the omega parameter?

Best regards