Problem of parallel computing in Code::Block using window OS

Hello everyone,

I am the new user to the Palabos software. Now i faced some problem on parallel computing and stuck there.

The problem is that i able to run the parallel computing on code block using example cavity2d but each processor seem like doing their own job (each core is executing an entire program) instead of execute the program parallelly. When I specify the processor used as 4, it takes longer time to execute than I specify single processor.

Anyone have the idea of how to fix this problem. I tried to modify the Makefile inside the cavity2d folder but the problem is not solved. Is it this problem related to the Makefile or others and how can I fix it?

**I tried to set SMPparallel = true
and also set Compiler to use with MPI parallelism parallel CXX = mpiexec but it seems like giving the same results.

I will highly appreciate everyone’s kind help. Thanks.

Ps. The MPI software used is Mpich2- 32bit
Code::Block 13.12- 32 bit
Windows 7 64 bit