Pressure probes in palabos


I am running the dambreak3d show case and want to plot pressure v/s time curve at a set of particular points (I have the physical coordinates of the points). Is it possible to introduce pressure probes in the code somehow?

I am aware of using compurepressure function (similar to externalFlowAroundObstacle.cpp) for exporting pressure values at all points. I guess it’s also possible to use ParaView later on during post processing and getting the pressure v/s time plot at the points but is pressure probe method possible in palabos?

Also, considering the following code snippet from external flow around obstacle example:

// Write VTK file for the flow around the obstacle, to be viewed with Paraview.
void writeVTK(OffLatticeBoundaryCondition3D<T,DESCRIPTOR,Velocity>& bc, plint iT)
VtkImageOutput3D vtkOut(createFileName(“volume”, iT, PADDING));
vtkOut.writeData( *bc.computeVelocityNorm(param.boundingBox()),
“velocityNorm”, param.dx/param.dt );
vtkOut.writeData<3,float>(bc.computeVelocity(param.boundingBox()), “velocity”, param.dx/param.dt);
vtkOut.writeData( bc.computePressure(param.boundingBox()),
“pressure”, param.dx
param.dt) );

How do I edit this code for dam break test case? There is no boundary condition (bc) variable there.

Thanks in advance