pressure calculation in lattice boltzmann method

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is Pressure=Rho/3 relation true for all isotropic fluids like water in lattice boltzmann method? or it is true only for ideal gas?
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Hello!I am a begginer of LBM.And I am also comfused by this problem.Have you solved it ?If yes,can you tell me how to understand it?Thanks!
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As far as I know, it is true for all isotropic fluids. but if your simulation is about thermal flow you must add the temperature effect. I don’t know how it is but in general in lattice boltzmann, pressure is calculated by equation of state like multiphase simulation.
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Hi, my name is Handoyo from Indonesia
I would like ask to LBM, did LBM can calculate elastic properties of rock physics frome the image data sandstone?
if yes, i hope LBM can help me about that.
May i have the algoritm or matlab code for the solutions.
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