Phase Change problem

Hello all,
I want to solve the condensation of steam on a cold surface. so i have a single component-multiphase case. as i checked Palabos Gallery, It does not have any phase change case, and all the problems are muticomponent. I want to know that is it possible to solve such a case i have described using palabos? is it easy?

Thanks a lot

Hello Amir
please take a look at segregation example. It is single component multiphase problem

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Hello, AmirLB,
I’m also facing a phase change problem.
Can I ask what example code should I read to get the basic idea of defining a phase change problem?
Can you or anyone seeing this post help me with what should I read first cause I am a green hand?
Or can you share your code please, cause I realize you post that a year ago, I bet you solved your problem.

Hello, in the segregation example I can’t find any line concerning phase change.
Did I miss anything? Can you give some examples about phase change?
Any suggested material is appreciated.