Permeability Calculation using an STL

Hi, has anyone run a permeability calculation using an STL instead of a binary image?

Hey @konangsh,
For the permeability stuff you should check with @jesantos I think his code is able to do this.
For the STL file as an input, there’s a few example that show how to do this the aneurysm is the one that I based my code off of and it works quite well ! .
Odds are you’ll just need to modify jesantos’ code to take the STL input instead of the .Dat file that he uses.
Good luck !

Hi @Catsgomeow, thanks a ton for your reply!
I did start with @jesantos’s code but I have been unable to compile it on our HPC system - the errors dont point to anything specific :frowning:
So, I have been trying to run a permeability calculation with the palabos code directly. I am able to use a .dat file, but would like to use an STL going forward. I will try the aneurysm example like you suggested!

Thanks, again!

:cold_sweat: I’m sorry to hear that