PDE with Palabos


I’m new to this Forum.
I’m trying to implement k-epsilon-turbulence-model into Palabos.
I need to solve these two PDEs to compute the turbulent viscosity (respectively omega) like the Smagorinsky-Model does.

My Question is:
Is there a function in Palabos which can solve “external” PDEs or do I need third party librarys to solve that equations?

Thank you


This sounds like a challenging project…

Palabos focuses entirely on lattice Boltzmann: there is no general framework for solvin PDEs. Coupling to an external solver doesn’t sound amazing either: it will be tough to parallelize the LB and the k-epsilon parts consistently. And my guess is that, for a problem that requires a RANS turbulence model, you probably prefer to have massive parallelism as well.

The best, although very tedious, solution is probably to implement your FD solver manually in Palabos (or to plug in an external solver, if you understand precisely how to apply domain decomposition properly, and paralellize things manually in this solver).

To achieve this goal, you must understand data processors, the data structure provided in Palabos to parallelize virtually anything. As an example, you can check out the finite-difference Poisson solver implemented in Palabos (the function computePoissonResidue() in the directory src/finiteDifference/fdWrapper3D.h).

Hope this helps,