particle movement

Hello to all,

I am actually working with a square block in a square channel with a poiseuille flow (D2Q9), I am able to evaluate the drag and lift of the fixed obstacle with Momentum exchange Method and i am using the half way bounceback, so I don’t get function distribution values from the wall nodes.

But now I would like to implement a particle movement model to this obstacle, so it would move along with the flow drag…

I do not know ANYTHING more that the newton’s motion laws. How do you recommend me to start with? My main questions are:

[b]if i change the particle to a circular particle, should I change something on my MEM and bounceback at first sight?

where do I have to implement my new routine for image update due to the particle movement, before or after the streaming step?

Where I can find some good info about detailed particle models for LBM?[/b]

Thanks in advance, and I wish all of you a nice Christmas vacations!!!

Albert P

Dear Albert,

you should take a look at the articles by Tony Ladd. He also offers a free LBM+particle code.