Palabos VTK visualization in ParaView

Hi All,

I wonder whether someone of you has run into problems while visualizing VTK data, produced by Palabos, in parallel version of ParaView. I have successfully produced VTK files from cavity3D or permeability applications, available as example applications in Palabos. When using standalone (or serial) version of ParaView the data is visualized correctly. However when I try to use the parallel version in client-server mode, the VTK data is somehow misinterpreted - for example when I try to apply the Contour filter, the value range is very invalid.

I’ve posted the problem to ParaView mailing listing, but none has responded me so far. The installation of parallel ParaView seems to be correct. Also the ‘endian’ issue should not be a problem, since I’m using base64 encoded data in XML format of VTK, or maybe I’m wrong?

I could verify whether the problem occurs because of ParaView itself or VTK files if I had some example VTK files. So please, if you have some VTK files produced by Palabos, that are correctly visualized in parallel ParaView, just share them with me.

Any suggestions are mostly welcomed.