Palabos on an Itanium Cluster

So far I have done all my simulations on my office desktop PC, but soon I will start with larger simulations, and noticed we have an unused Itanium Cluster.
I don´t know much about the Itanium processor (just googled it), all I know so far it´s running under Linux - Redhat.

Is any1 using an Itanium Cluster and can share some experience, since it has a special architecture I´m wondering how it works together with the MPI-extension ?



Hi i try to work with palabos in a cluster in have chosen the example of recangularChannel3d in chowCases topic
i have the following message when i try to excute it .
Please any one can help me to resolve this problem
python …/…/…/scons/ -j 6 -f …/…/…/SConstruct palabosRoot=…/…/… projectFiles=“computeDrag.cpp” optimize=true debug=false profile=false MPIparallel=true SMPparallel=false usePOSIX=true serialCXX=g++ parallelCXX=mpicxx compileFlags="-Wall -Wnon-virtual-dtor" linkFlags="" optimFlags="-O3" debugFlags="-g" profileFlags="-pg" libraryPaths="" includePaths="…/include" libraries=""
scons: Reading SConscript files …

scons: warning: Can’t find Intel compiler top dir for version=‘None’, abi=‘x86_64’
File “/home/dhamane/palabosnew/SConstruct”, line 77, in

scons: *** While building ['computeDrag.o']' from[‘computeDrag.cpp’]’: Don’t know how to build from a source file with suffix `.cpp’. Expected a suffix in this list: [’.c’, ‘.m’, ‘.i’, ‘.fpp’, ‘.FPP’, ‘.I’, ‘.f77’, ‘.F77’, ‘.i90’, ‘.I90’, ‘.f95’, ‘.F95’, ‘.f03’, ‘.F03’, ‘.s’, ‘.asm’, ‘.ASM’, ‘.spp’, ‘.SPP’, ‘.sx’, ‘.S’].
File “/home/dhamane/palabosnew/SConstruct”, line 102, in
make: *** [compile] Erreur 2