Palabos-npFEM: specialized module for Cellular Blood Flow Simulations

Dear All,

We would like to let you know that Palabos has a new specialized module for the simulation of cellular blood flow. We have added a new library called npFEM (located in palabos_root_dir/coupledSimulators/npFEM). A newly added example/application can be found in palabos_root_dir/examples/showCases/bloodFlowDefoBodies. You can go through the of this application and setup a simulation in a few simple steps.

This application simulates deformable red blood cells and platelets under various flow conditions (Couette, Poiseuille) and allows the initialization of the flow field using the cell packing functionality. For more information on npFEM library and on the coupling with Palabos please check the following publications:

In the near future, we will release a software article with more details on how to use this module.

Best regards,
Palabos team


Thanks a lot,it is important for my research

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