Palabos IO error

Hello everyone,

I am new to Palabos and C++! Trying to run the dambreak3d example in Linux (ubuntu) and getting the following error message:

Error missing some input parameter
Palabos IO error: Can’t read command-line argument 1: there are no command-line arguments
The parameters for this program are :

  1. Output directory name.
  2. kinematic viscosity in physical Units (m^2/s) .
  3. Bond number (Bo = rho * g * L^2 / gamma).
  4. Contact angle (in degrees).
  5. number of lattice nodes for lz .
  6. delta_t .
  7. maxIter .
    Reasonable parameters on a desktop computer are: ./damBreak3d tmp 1.e-5 100 80.0 40 1.e-3 80000
    Reasonable parameters on a parallel machine are: ./damBreak3d tmp 1.e-6 100 80.0 100 1.e-4 80000

How can I input the values in Linux platform? I would highly appreciate any help.


Dear msam,

the error message tells you how to do it. Under Linux, you probably tried starting the program by writing “./dambreak3d” into your terminal. To pass additional arguments, you simply write them after the name of the executable, separating them with spaces. As the error message suggests, you could start the program by entering

./damBreak3d tmp 1.e-5 100 80.0 40 1.e-3 80000

into your terminal.



Dear kk,

I have the same problem but I’m using windows (Code :: Block). Would you please help me about this problem?


Dear ajazayeri72,

I do not have any experience with using code blocks. But a google search lead me to this thread

where it is explained how to set the command line arguments in a code blocks project.