Palabos Intensive Trainings

Dear community,

We announce two training sessions for the Palabos software to take place in Lausanne, Switzerland (close to the Geneva airport). The sessions extend over two days, with an optional prior technical introduction to the lattice Boltzmann method. The first session takes place on September 12-14, and the second on October 31 - November 2.

Additional information and registration forms are available here.

The training sessions are conducted by Palabos developers with first-hand knowledge. They are practically oriented and include a choice of applications of industrial interest. We will walk you through the many aspects of working with Palabos, including the usage of other free pre- and post-processing tools for setting up a geometry and evalution of the results.

We hope to meet many of you and provide you with the necessary knowledge to unfold the full potential of Palabos for your very own problems!