outflow boundary condition

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first of all “happy new year” to all, folks! Presently I’m doing some simulations, where I compare to results obtained with navier stokes methods using a non-reflecting outlet BC. I was asking myself, if there is a compareable BC implementation in context of LBM? Please, it would be great, if anyone could provide me with some information on various types of outflow BC’s. Since the term “non-reflecting” is pretty new for me, and since I’m not an expert in neither LBM nor BC’s, help is highly appreciated!

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Hi Fred,

interestingly, this article by Zhaoxia Yang has just been published. Take a look at it (I have not yet), there will be additional references for sure.



Even though my topic of research is LB acoustics, I have so far unfortunately not had the time or the need to look deeply into BCs that are non-reflecting for sound waves. However, I did come across an interesting preprint recently, found here. I have not given it a proper read yet, but it develops a new non-reflecting BC for LB. It also refers to many previous articles on non-reflecting LB BCs. The article that Timm referred to does likewise, so you might want to look into both of these and the articles they refer to.