On Smagorinsky Model in XFlow

Hi, everyone. I read the new codes of XFLow, and was confused by the the SmagorinskyBGK model. Would you give me a detailed reference about the model adopted?

Thank you!


The Smagorinsky implementation in xFlows is documented in the user’s guide .

Implementations of the Smagorinsky model in lattice Boltzmann are most of the time very similar (with small variations, such as, do you use BGK or MRT, or, do you solve the implicit equation for tau at first-order only or exactly, etc.). You will certainly be successful if you google for lattice Boltzmann and Smagorinsky.

Thank you! Latt. I am interested in the new formula of omega you developed in the ComputeOmega(). It is different from the one derived by Chen et al.(1996)("A lattice subgrid model for high reynolds number flows "). Would you please present a detailed discussion on it? Since there is no reference on the “user’s guide”.