numerical solutions for cavity flow

I am playing around with cavity flow in openlb but don’t know how to check if the solution is good. could anybody recommend a good article with reference solutions from another method than lattice boltzmann?

I do not know any good paper. But normally checking the references in this phd by roland bouffanais you should fine almost anything you need.

Try the following references:

T.P. Chiang, R.R. Hwang, and W.H. Sheu: Finite volume analysis of spiral motion in a rectangular lid-driven cavity. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids Vol 23(4), pp 325-346, 1996.

Chiang T, Sheu W, Hwang R.: Effect of Reynolds Number on the Eddy Structure in a
Lid-driven Cavity. Int J Numer Methods Fluids 1998; 26:557.

S. Albensoeder and H.C. Kuhlmann: Accurate three-dimensional lid-driven cavity flow. Journal of Computational Physics, vol 206, pp 536–558, 2005.

thanks for the references. I have been surfing around and also found this web page:

Hi All!

If you need reference data for a 2D cavity you can use the following paper:

“Simulation of lid-driven cavity flows by parallel lattice Boltzmann method using multi-relaxation-time scheme” by J.-S. Wu and Y.-L. Shao

They compared their resultus with a finite volume solution published by Ghia (“Simulation of lid-driven cavity rows by parallel lattice Boltzmann method using multi-relaxation-time scheme” ) . I digitized the u/u0 data from the paper from the graph, it´s not the best but is probably of some use:


u/u0 ; y

0 ; 0
-0,299 ; 0,1
-0,375 ; 0,2
-0,267 ; 0,3
-0,163 ; 0,4
-0,0627 ; 0,5
0,0496 ; 0,6
0,141 ; 0,7
0,266 ; 0,8
0,381 ; 0,9
1 ; 1