number of itération

Im new user and I am trying to treat a numeric code.
I cant understand the means of number of iterations maxT
and so why we did not have a convergence criterion?
help please

maxT just sets a fixed number of iterations, You could replace maxT with a convergence criteria if you wish. A typical criteria to use would be to calculate the change in average energy in the system between iterations and terminate when the change is sufficiently small. This criteria and its implementation have been mentioned elsewhere in this forum.

thank you brucedjones
In fact, I calculate the concentration at steady so how will I know the maxT that I must choose.?

If your going to rely on maxT, your only option is to run the model for a certain number of iterations and inspect the results to see if it has come to a steady state. If it has not come to a steady state, you need to increase maxT and try again.