Nice Idea for Who need to join

Hey Mrs/Mr,

I have an idea for who need to work togther in any following problems and share our ideas and comapre our codes (to help each others).

First Idea:
Single Flow
2nd Idea:
Bubble rising
3rd Idea:
Multiphase Fluid Flow.
4th Idea:
Solidification and Melting process
5th Idea:
Multiphase stationary fluids with low and high density ratio.

If any one is interested doing this , please send me an e-mail on this forum.


Dear all,
I am working on LBM,completed code in SINGLE phase.I want to write a code of two phase LBM, of bubble rising in water(density ratiois either 1000 or 100). if U have started working in two phase can U share the code .I have doubt of selecting G-interfhacial potential Value in CODE and implementation of g=9.8m/s2 in force term.


Hi Saritha,
I have few codes for Multiphase, they are stable but I am not happy with the performance/output. I can send to you the code and we can work together to fix any possible problems.
let me know.


Hi Saritha and Saravana:

For bubble rising and Multiphase, you might use Shan Chen Model and if you want help, please let me know or you might send me your code to fix it together. I have done some multiphase using LBM by Shan Chen Model for bubble rising and Rayleigh Talyer Instability.


Hi william,

I am also studying on the dynamics of bubble rising. In my work, i am not satisfied with the viscosity ratio, because the model now can not stand for the real water and gas. Have you researched on this point? Any reply is appriciated. Thanks.

Helo william,Saritha and Saravana

I am working on multi-component shan-chen model.all my problems are about bubble rising becouse I don’t know how to enter the gravitational force in equations.I appreciate if you let me know about your rising bubble code.
For bubble rising and Multiphase, please let me know or you might send me your code to fix it together. I have done some multiphase using LBM by Shan-chen model.


Hi Dear William,

I am interesting in single flow simulations. I want to start joint work for flows past circular or square cylinders.

Best Regards

I used EOS in multiphase code in palabos. when I run this code phase separation doesn’t occur .it means to density close each other
is any one who had this problem befor???/