New PhD thesis: "The lattice Boltzmann method: Fundamentals and acoustics"

Hi all,

About two weeks ago I successfully defended my PhD thesis on the lattice Boltzmann method, which is now publicly available:
The lattice Boltzmann method: Fundamentals and acoustics

The first half of the thesis is written as a general introduction to the LBM, though with more of a focus on the underlying theory rather than practical applications. The second half goes into my research on lattice Boltzmann acoustics.

I’ve tried to keep the writing as clear and instructive as possible so that people like you may use my PhD thesis to learn more about the LBM, similarly to how people have previously used my Master’s thesis. (By the way, thanks to those of you who have told me that you have found my Master’s useful; I’ve found it tremendously inspiring!) Even so, my Master’s thesis is still available and might still be a quicker “tutorial” to the LBM.

Please have a look; I hope you may find it useful!

Best regards,
Erlend Magnus Viggen

Hi Dr. Erlend M
thanks for sharing …
I newbie in LBM and I m trying to add a chapter for mutiphase flow in my PhD thesis…

Dear Erlend M,

Congratulations on the successful defence of PhD thesis and getting the title of “Dr.”.

Best Regrads

Hi Dr. Erlend M ,

Congratulations and thanks for your sharing.

I’m a newbie in LBM and I’m writing a LBM code to study the acoustic streaming. So your theses are very helpful for me. In the progress of verification, I have some trouble on the implementation of the point source. The fluid density at the source position is just imposed at the end of each LBM time step: rho = 1 + 0.01* sin(omega* t), and boundary conditions are set as open boundary condition. But I can’t get the right numerical solutions. The code is based on the modification of right lid-driven cavity flow. I don’t know what’s wrong with it.

In addition, are there some other recommanded boundary conditions to deal with the absorbing or no reflection boundary?

Please help me and thank you very much.

Best regards,

Dear Erlend M,

Congratulations on your PhD Thesis! Just to let you know that the link you posted appears to be broken. The link to the master thesis is working fine, though.

Best regards.