New Palabos Release v1.5r0

Dear Community,

A new release of Palabos is available. It can be obtained on the download page. The most important new features are:

Added a fully featured exterior flow code, which is capable of handling static and moving objects at the same time. It is found in the directory examples/showCases/generalExternalFlow.

Implemented transient statistics for 3D. An example on how to use them can be found in examples/codesByTopic/transientStatistics.

Implemented the immersed boundary method for advection-diffusion equations.

Implemented Particles in 2D.

Added and improved STL utilities.

A full list of changes is found in the Changelog.

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Gratitude for the new release, Changelog suggest some really nice changes. Just wanted to confirm a question that I raised in earlier in the forum. Regarding simple heat conduction. Although I can use advection diffusion model for solving the temperature field. I wanted to simulated conduction based on the Boltzmann internal energy distribution equation(non BGK dymaics approach) also referred as the Thermal LBM method. The source code suggests that there is no lattice descriptor or dynamics for that. DO you have any comments on that


No, we currently support only the coupled approach with an advection-diffusion heat equation. Well, technically speaking, the D3Q121 model described in this article is implemented in extendedNeighborhoodLatticed3D.h and .hh. But support for this model (collision models, boundary conditions, etc.) is ongoing and not yet released.


Thanks for the feedback

Hi Jonas,

Has any progress been made on the implementation of the double-distribution approach?