New Palabos Release v1.4

Dear Community,

A new release of Palabos is available. It can be obtained on the download page. The new features are:

Immersed Walls
The code has been available in Palabos for a while now, but has improved over time. Release 1.4 ships an application example (examples/showCases/movingWall) for immersed wall, which produces the following results.

External Flow Example
On popular request, a canonic example for exterior flow problems has been added in examples/showCases/externalFlowAroundObstacle

Bug fix in relation with MPI
As in the previous release, a bug was removed which was visible when Palabos was used with certain versions of MPICH. The bug was spotted, and a fix suggested, by forum participant Coastlab_lgw. We’d like to thank this participant for the collaboration.

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