New implementation of Palabos Particle Package

Dear Palabos developers and users,

      I am now using Palabos to simulation particles. However, the particle package implemented in Palabos is only mass-less-non-radius particles. So basically it is only a point, and move with the fluid, even without particle diffusion(I try to implemented it, but there are really lots of problems, as particles missing, etc). And I checked the newest release and find nothing fresh.

      However, in the Palabos show cases from the web site, I saw very fancy videos of particles colliding and bounce-back against the wall. It is with mass and radius, and it looks really nice! So I was wondering perhaps some nice guys can release and share their codes with the rest of other Palabos users, and I'd really appreciate it. And that is the essence of the open source package---let everyone share and use the code, doesn't it?

Best Regard,


I’m glad you liked the animations! Your interpretation is right: particles of a certain extent and with fluid-particle interaction are one of the topics we are developing right now, and we released an animation as a little teaser - with success obviously. We will release this code in one of the next releases, maybe even in the next one. It first needs to go through the usual validation and debugging cycle. A bit more patience and you’ll enjoy the fresh new particle code!