Negative average velocity in porous medium

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I used body force instead of pressure gradient to simulate the fluid flow through a 3D porous medium. The porosity is about 15%. At the solid-fluid surface, the standard bounceback boundary condition was imposed. I found an interesting thing that the average velocity along the flow direction was negative. Are there anyone here can explain this phenomenon? How can I solve this problem? Thanks.

In my implementation, the body force that is equivalent to pressure gradient was added as following,

fprop(x+eidt, t+dt) = f(x, t) - (f(x, t)-feq(x, t))/tau + widtG*ei/cs^2

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I have a stupid question: Are you sure that the force points into the correct direction?


Thanks for Timm’s response.

Yes, I set the value G>0 along the flow direction. Before this, I have validate my implementation with analytical solution of rectangular duct flow. The error is about 0.8% at a resolution of 25 grids. Is the negative average velocity attributed to the bounceback step? In my code, the full-way bounceback is used, as sukop’s example code.

for solid nodes, in the collision step
temp=f (i), f(i)=f(opp(i)), f(opp(i))=temp
fprop(i) = f(i);

Looking forward to any further suggstions.


This is really strange…
Do you have periodic BC in flow direction?
Is it exactly the same code (up to the boundaries) you have used for Poiseuille flow?


Thank you Timm. I do not understand where is the problem.

For clear description I sent you the velocity profiles and simple code to your email. Please check. Thanks.