nano droplet in lbm

hello everyone

I want to simulate nano droplets via Lattice Boltzmann Method”. But I’m new in shan-chen model. I simulated droplet on wall in macro and micro scale with Shan-and-Chen multicomponent multiphase method and results show good agree with Huang Haibo paper[1], but In order to simulate nano fluid(such nano droplet and nano film) in lattice Boltzmann I need apply the effect of nano scale in this method. I have searched many books and articles , but not to mention it directly. i read in some paper that for simulated effect of nano scale in some method we must apply disjoining pressure in droplet or film [2]. I am just a bit confused regarding calculation of the disjoining pressure and incorporating it into the LBM method. Is it based on the interaction force between the fluid and the wall? I don’t know how I can apply this effect in lattice Boltzmann.

Many thanks in advance and with kind regards,
[1] Proposed approximation for contact angles in Shan-and-Chen-type multicomponent multiphase lattice Boltzmann models PHYSICAL REVIEW E 76, 066701 2007
[2]J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 23 (2011) 085004 (11pp)