Multiple compoments with LB, any literature recommendations?

Hello Forum!
I have recently set about to find some information on what people currently do when they want to simulate, using a \Lattice Boltzmann method,
a mixture of 2 fluids such as water and oil with different viscosities.
Does anyone here have a clue as to what is currently the “best” way to go with respect to accuracy and also speed?
There is a lot of literature, and it’s sometimes hard to judge what is useful and what is not.
So I thought I’d ask some of the experts here :slight_smile:

Thanks for any hint, kind regards


The new Palabos release contains an efficient implementation of a Lattice-Boltzmann/Volume-of-Fluid method for two phase flows with fluids of different densities and different viscosities. You can find example codes in the “examples/showCases/vofMultiPhase” directory. For an online example please check:


Thanks! I will check that out.