multi-phase modeling(lbm)

hi everybody
i search through internet to find source code that model multiphase flows.during this job, i found this page :
i downloaded it, but i can not run it successfully. i think it can be useful to develop our intuitions to model everythings.please try it.
if anybody has any book,paper,link… that might be useful on multiphase modeling,please put it here.
thank you

Hi, moslemi!

The most used models for multiphase modelling is Shan-Chen model which book of Sukop cited by you is using and I think Yeomans free-energy model. You can type and type Shan Chen - where will be 2 papers by 1993 and 1994. For free-energy model you can type in Yeomans and there will be two useful papers by 1995 and 1996.

If something wrong please let me know,

hi alex
thank you.