Multi-block Algorithm

Dear All
I become confused about local grid refinement Algorithm, please give me a hand in this area or share with me your code if possible


Hi Sajad

look at those papers

1- “From a lattice Boltzmann model to a parallel and reusable implementation of a virtual river” Alexandre DUPUIS, 2002
2- “Viscous ?ow computations with the method of lattice Boltzmann equation” Dazhi Yua, 2003

3- this pdf file I did it as a guide for me using the two previous references

multiblook visualized

it better to start with 1d diffusion problem, then 1d adevction-diffusion then 2d diffusion then 2d adevction-diffusion
I did that to figure it out


Hi all
I am too confused about the refinement in LBM and I can not use numerically what I read in the articles. Please can you help me