MRT model for multicomponent multiphase flow problem!

Dear LB Community,
I am interested in solving multicomponent multiphase flow of CO2 and Brine at pore scale in porous media. I have tried BGK based Shan and Chen model but there are stability issues for viscosity ratio=10 and density ratio=2. Also, the interface is not sharp for these parameter values.

I am aware of multiphase models in MRT presented by Premnath and Abraham group. Is there any model available in MRT to solve multicomponent with multiphase? I am sure MRT can offer better stability for these parameter values.

Thanks for your comment and suggestions.


I guess you need to look to some publications from Dr. Krafczyk group - they use red-blue color model coupled with MRT. Search their publications of droplets simulation.

The Dirk Kehrwald dissertation is on that issue. If you need me to send it to you, please let me know.

Hopefully it will help,