MRT in palabosv0.7r2


I would like to use the MRT for multicomponent case in palabos. But I am failed. I want to ask is it available of MRT dynamic formation in the multicomponent code? Thank you very much.


There is an MRT in palabos. But I’m not sure of what you really want to do.

For multicomponent there is no MRT included in palabos.


I should explain my problem clearly. I want to use MRT in the multicomponent2d example in palabosv0.7r2, because I would like to do a large density ratio simulation and the basic Shan-Chen model can not do that. What I did is that

#define DESCRIPTOR descriptors::ForcedShanChenD2Q9Descriptor

is substituted by

#define DESCRIPTOR MRTD2Q9Descriptor
typedef MRTdynamics<T,DESCRIPTOR> BackgroundDynamics;

But it is not success, there are lots of errors. I want to inquire can I use the MRT in the multicomponent case?


for the moment there is no MRT Shan-Chen model in palabos. You will have to write your own code. You can have find inspiration in the ShanChenMultiComponentProcessorXD (used for the coupling of the multicomponent model) and ExternalMomentRegularizedBGKdynamics which is used for the collision in the BGK case.

Good luck,

Dear Orestis,

Thanks for your hint. It is quite useful. I will try it. Thank you very much.


W. Wei