MRT in Palabos Permeability Tutorial

I am working to add MRT to the permeability tutorial to compare to SRT and I wanted to know the best way to do so. I have added the following code within the main body:

IncomprFlowParam<T> parameters(
        (T) 1e-2,  // uMax
        (T) 10.,   // Re
        96,        // N
        1.,        // lx
        1.,        // ly
        1.         // lz

Later I call the following:

MultiBlockLattice3D<T,DESCRIPTOR> lattice(nx,ny,nz, new BackgroundDynamics(parameters.getOmega()));

Is this sufficient or are there other steps to take?

Yes I think that’s all (BackgrouDynamics should be replaced by MRT). Except if there is a defineDynamics somewhere in the code also.