Moving Obstacles (Ladd Models)

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for some examples of inmersed boundaries (fluid particle interaction, moving obstacles) and their oimplementation on PALABOS, something related with Dr. Ladd’s Work.

Anybody have been working on it ?

I’d like to see something similar, too (but for elastic walls) but if there are none, I’ll likely search for a workaround.

If you want to simulate elastic walls or deformable particles, you should have a look at the immersed boundary method and related methods. Just type “Peskin immersed boundary method” in Google Scholar, and you will find a lot of results.

Many thanks for the full name of the immersed boundary method!

I had tried finding it by incomplete name without success today, and now I’m one step closer (much to read :slight_smile: ).

Arne, which system do you want to simulate?

I want to simulate turbulent contrast fluid flow in the aorta.