moment exchange approach on force evaluation on curved boundary

HI All

I do not know how to implement into Palabos as I need to modify the distributions in some components after streaming. Palabos provides half way bounce back examples and simply adopts an end-user command “BounceBack<T,DESCRIPTOR>” , but in the curved boundary cases, how to modify the codes to satisfy an arbitrary distance between the boundary and nodes ? i.e. I would like to modify the bounced-back value and obtain the distribution density in each direction from the nodes near the boundary. Can anyone tell me has Palabos been implemented such force evaluation method in current version? if not, how can I solve out by modifying the codes?

My references of the force evaluation are from:

Yu. D, Mei. R, Shyy. W (2003) A Unified Boundary Treatment in Lattice Boltzmann Method. In: 41st Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit. Aerospace Sciences Meetings. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. doi:doi:10.2514/6.2003-953

Yu D, Mei R, Luo L-S, Shyy W (2003) Viscous flow computations with the method of lattice Boltzmann equation Prog Aerosp Sci 39:329-367 doi:

Thank you guys.