Micro emulsion flow modelling

Hello everyone,

I have some understanding on LBM, but I still consider myself a rookie. I have a questions with regards to modelling micro and nano flows. The case in point is a heavy phase emulsified in a lighter one. The heavy phase droplet size of interest is about 5e-6 m. I have a mesh of fibres with a supposed mean diameter 9e-6 m. Now, from basic fluid dynamics I know that the flows need to be made similar and this is achieved by matching the Reynold numbers. For the flow of interest, Re=~0.15. However, due to stability conditions I am unable to match this, with a best result in LBM Re=~36. This condition produces a minimum droplet diameter of 2.64e-3 m - three orders of magnitude larger than needed.

Some pointers that might help you to help me are:
D2Q9 SCMP simulation; tau of light phase = 1; tau of heavy phase = 0.65; minimum LBM drop diameter = 11 lu (otherwise it vaporizes).

Any advice and/or suggestions will be much appreciated.



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