Mass leakage or gain for interpolated (curved) boundaries

I have recently implemented the Bouzidi’s interpolation scheme (Bouzidi, M., Firdaous, M. and Lallemand, P. (2001)). On running simulations, I observe that there is steady mass gain or loss depending on the distribution of interpolated distances (less than or greater than 0.5).

In general, the mass variation is mentioned less in literatures. However simulating particles in periodic domain results in continuous accumulation of these errors over time. Is there a way to fix this mass loss/gain issue for interpolated bounce back schemes?

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Hi sathish,

While answering I realized that probably you are the author of the paper with the solution :slight_smile:, so I take the opportunity to advertise your paper, that I think will be useful for others.
Choice of no-slip curved boundary condition for lattice Boltzmann simulations of high-Reynolds-number flows (2018) Sathish K. P. Sanjeevi, Ahad Zarghami, and Johan T. Padding*