Make(Compile) error for Centos

I’m beginner for lbm and palabos.
I use palabos in two environment which are own workstation(Ubuntu) and Cluster computer (Centos).

I use palabos well in my workstation, but there is compile error in my cluster computer.

python3 …/…/…/scons/ -j 6 -f …/…/…/SConstruct palabosRoot=…/…/… projectFiles=“poiseuille.cpp” optimize=true debug=true profile=false MPIparallel=false usePOSIX=true serialCXX=g++ parallelCXX=mpicxx compileFlags="-Wall -Wnon-virtual-dtor -std=c++11 " linkFlags="" optimFlags="-O3" debugFlags="-g" profileFlags="-pg" srcPaths="" libraryPaths="" includePaths="" libraries=""
/bin/sh: python3: command not found
make: *** [compile] error 127

This is my error message.
Could anyone give me some help?

you cluster doesn’t seem to have python version 3 installed. if the cluster is an academic one you might need to load the module. or the command for python3 on your case could just be python ( this is the case for me).