Local Mesh Refinement


I need some help in:

1- How to make refined mesh (how to write a code for mesh refinement), Multi-Block?
2- Algorithm or pseudo code for LBM simulations using Multi-Block Mesh refinement?

If someone can share subroutine or code having implemented “mesh refinement”, it will help a lot to me to understand.

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Dear ali_lbm,
Did you solve the mesh refinement problem. If yes, kindly help me in the same.

Let me know the answer

Hello everybody
I am going to refine the mesh in the segregation example, but it seems different from the mesh refinement example.
in the case of segregation example, there is not any L or delta x to adjust. We just have access to nx, ny, and tau. As I know, when the nx increases the domain becomes larger since delta x is set to unity but I cannot find where it is set and how I can change it?