Liquid Rise in a Capillary Tube

Hi Everyone!
I am new user of Palabos. I am interested in simulating spontaneous liquid rise in a capillary tube, and was wondering if anyone has tried this problem in Palabos. It would be great if someone can show me how to set it up or the best way to go about it - any help in this direction would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Hi @konangsh,

Welcome to the forum. Find my implementation here. You can change the contact angles as needed :slight_smile:


Hi Javier!
Thanks a lot for pointing me to your implementation. I followed the instructions, but I am having trouble with the installation/compilation. Below is a snippet of the error message:

mpicxx -o ShanChen.o -c -O3 -DPLB_MPI_PARALLEL -DPLB_USE_POSIX -I/home/corp/ch3892/FamilyCare/Mstarcfd/PALABOS/MultiphasePorousMediaPalabos-master/src/palabos-v2.0r0/src -I/home/corp/ch3892/FamilyCare/Mstarcfd/PALABOS/MultiphasePorousMediaPalabos-master/src/palabos-v2.0r0/externalLibraries ShanChen.cpp

ShanChen.cpp:154:18: warning: ‘template class std::auto_ptr’ is deprecated [-Wdeprecated-declarations]
std::auto_ptr<MultiScalarField3D > floatTags = copyConvert<int,T>(geometry, geometry.getBoundingBox());
In file included from /app/gcc/platform/x86-64/8.2.0/include/c++/8.2.0/memory:80,
from /home/corp/ch3892/FamilyCare/Mstarcfd/PALABOS/MultiphasePorousMediaPalabos-master/src/palabos-v2.0r0/src/multiBlock/multiBlockGenerator3D.h:44,
from /home/corp/ch3892/FamilyCare/Mstarcfd/PALABOS/MultiphasePorousMediaPalabos-master/src/palabos-v2.0r0/src/multiBlock/multiBlockLattice3D.hh:35,
from /home/corp/ch3892/FamilyCare/Mstarcfd/PALABOS/MultiphasePorousMediaPalabos-master/src/palabos-v2.0r0/src/core/vectorFunction3D.h:35,
from /home/corp/ch3892/FamilyCare/Mstarcfd/PALABOS/MultiphasePorousMediaPalabos-master/src/palabos-v2.0r0/src/core/headers3D.h:50,
from /home/corp/ch3892/FamilyCare/Mstarcfd/PALABOS/MultiphasePorousMediaPalabos-master/src/palabos-v2.0r0/src/palabos3D.h:28,
from ShanChen.cpp:1:
/app/gcc/platform/x86-64/8.2.0/include/c++/8.2.0/bits/unique_ptr.h:53:28: note: declared here
template class auto_ptr;
scons: *** [ShanChen.o] Error 1
scons: building terminated because of errors.
make: *** [compile] Error 2

I am not sure what this error is pointing to. I have python/2.3.0 and newer installed, along with gcc8.2 and newer and openmpi/2.1.5 and newer. Do you think that this error is related to the versions? Any help is much appreciated!


Hi @konangsh,

It looks like something in the palabos library is nor playing nice with your system :frowning:
Sorry, I have never seen that before

Hi Javier,
Thanks for your reply. I will try to see if I can fix this somehow - will keep you posted.

Thanks, again.