lesson codes

A bit of a gumby question now…

After familiarizing myself somewhat with the example codes, and running in serial and MPI, I’ve decided to work through all the lesson codes. Are these intended as pseudo code to convey the message or as real code to modify lesson-by-lesson and run?

For example, in lesson 1, there are many more lines in the examples codes than those highlighted as lines /1/ to /5/ .
e.g. the different namespaces which presumably need to be included.

Can you tell me what needs to be added into the lesson codes?

thanks a lot,

it depends on what you want to do. The lessons are here only to help you to build a very simple code. If you want graphical input output (writing gif files on the disk for example you may need the olb::graphics namespace).

Did you try to implement something and it did not work?

Maybe the easiest is to pick one of the examples (the poiseuille) and to understand what each line does using the documentation.

It may be easier to give a meaningful answer to your question if you have some kind of more specific question.


Thanks Orestis. The "Error . Need help to start " thread helped too - I posted a reply there.