LBM for combustion

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Does anyone know about LBM being applied to reacting flows and if so with any success? Are there any good references for this?

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I’ve never dealt with combustion problems but while I was looking for some theory about reactive LBM I found this:

This could be an help for you.


It depends on the combustion you are dealing with, gas phase or surface?
dariobonja, that paper is based on reduction kinetic, and the gas expansion seen in gas phase combustion is not even mentioned.
Esentially, the standard LBM is isothermal. Its limitations when dealing the gas phase expansion is discussed here:

On pressure and corner boundary conditions with two lattice Boltzmann construction approaches
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation
Volume 84, October 2012, Pages 26–41
which also available

However, if you are looking for surface reaction, a model is found

Chemical Engineering Science
Volume 69, Issue 1, 13 February 2012, Pages 628–643

which also available