Lattice Poisson Boltzmann Unit Conversion

Hi, I’m having problems in converting units in Lattice Poisson-Boltzmann method (LPM). For those who don’t know about LPM, Poisson equation governing the electrostatic potential is solved with LBM.

I need to convert electrostatic potential (in Volts) to lattice units. Can anyone help me out??

Any help will be appreciated.

Does anyone has an idea about voltage conversion?

Dear Ygrl!
please intoruce me a refrence for the the solving Poisson equation for the electrostatic potential with LBM.


This reference is excellent for understanding

“Lattice Poisson-Boltzmann Simulations of Electro-osmotic Flows in Microchannels. J.Wang, M. Wang, Z.Li”

Dear Ygrl,

I guess you can estimate the electric potential from the non-dimensional numbers. What are the non-dimensional numbers which govern your problem?