lattice poisson boltzmann simulations of electroosmotic flows in microchannels

has anybody ever worked on electroosmotic simulations by lattice boltzmann?
I have some question about the procedure
please help me

A student at my department played around with elctroosmotic models, based on the three following papers:

[1] J. Wang, M. Wang, Z. Li, Lattice Poisson-Boltzmann simulations of electroosmotic flows in microchannels, J. Coll. Interf. Sc. 296, 2006

[2] Z. Guo, T. S. Zhao, Y. Shi, A lattice Boltzmann algorithm for electroosmotic flows in microfluidic devices, J. Chem. Phys. 122, 2005

[3] F. Tian, B. Li, D. Y. Kwok, Lattice Boltzmann Simulation of Electroosmotic flows in Micro- and Nanochannels, Proceedings of the 2004 International Conference on MEMS, NANO and Smart Systems

The general impression I got was that the lattice Boltzmann models by themselves where quite easy to implement. It appeared however to be particularly difficult to understand the physical units of the problem, and to properly convert units between physics and simulation. For the work in question, the student finally circumvented the problem by using analytical solutions for the electric potential, and coupling it to a numerical simulation of a fluid flow.

I’d say, ask your questions, and we will see if somebody can answer!