Lattice Boltzmann Workshop

Dear all,

We are organizing a workshop at the University of Alberta. The purpose of the LBM workshop ( is to give newcomers to the lattice Boltzmann method a comprehensive overview of the topic.

The workshop is aimed at graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, faculty, and industry professionals who have started working with the method, want step-by-step explanations, and want a head start on initial reading. Participants will be given step-by-step derivations related to various methods each morning, and will then try out the methods through simulations in afternoon computer classes. That means no powerpoint presentations - only blackboards and computers.

We expect that the workshop will bring together 30 to 50 researchers from all over the world, mainly students and industrial researchers. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from experts, and they will write code for basic and advanced simulations. Understanding of theory will be promoted through workshops that focus on the derivations of important results rather than simply reporting recent advances.

Topics that may be covered at this event include:
Lattice Boltzmann equation derivation
Nondimensionalization/Scaling (!)
Multiphase flows
Immersed boundary method
Fluid-structure interaction
High performance computing: GPU programming

Guys, we do it on a not-for-profit basis. Your fee just covers computer lab/invited speakers/lunch/coffee brakes. We want to create real immersion to the method and to help you to communicate with each other.

To make it run please register beforehand for us to know that we have money in place to run it (if not we will have to cancel it). If you are interested please proceed to to know more about topics/schedules/deadlines.

PS Should you have any questions please address them to me at
PPS It’s for beginners/newcomers but not for experts.

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