lattice boltzmann name??

Hello Dear all
I want to know why LBM called for this name (lattice)?

I think the name is derived from lattice gas.

by the way, how aboubt your problem about multiblock interface?

I think i solved problem with a 2d (over X,Y)spatiaol spline interpolation.


you simualte the 3D flow field? if not, why use 2d spline interpolation.?

I ffind if transfer equilibrium populaltion from the coarse to fine grid, or, transfer equilibrium populaltion from the fine to coarse grid, the results is stable.But according to the way the reference indicates, the unstable would occur. After serveral try, I can’t still find the unstable reason.

In your opinion, what is the most possibility for the unstable?

dear friend

i think main reason of instability is interpolation method and its implementation way because at the corner nodes affected from both vertical and horizontal interface line information. so if you use a 2d interpolation over all interfaces you can overcome this problem.