Is there a 3D equivalent to MultiGridGenerator2D

I am trying to implement grid refinement for the 3-dimensional case, I want to adopt the following lines of codes (from dipole.cpp):


MultiGridLattice2D<T,DESCRIPTOR> lattice =
management, backgroundDynamics, behaviorLevel

to make something like:

MultiGridLattice3D<T,DESCRIPTOR> lattice = 
        management, backgroundDynamics, behaviorLevel

There is a header file called MultiGridGenerator3D.h, but no plb::MultiGridGenerator3D<T,DESCRIPTOR>. Can anyone suggest what can I do to implement my 3D case? I’m more comfortable using MultiGridGenerator3D to create my lattice than defining communicators etc.

Hi manas,

Did you have success with your implementation? I have the same doubt…

Hi Jose,
Yes, it turned out that it’s even easier to define a multigrid lattice in 3-D, I used this:

MultiGridLattice3D (MultiGridManagement3D management, Dynamics< T, Descriptor > *backgroundDynamics, plint behaviorLevel=0)

I am still working on verifying my results, but this seemed legit! I wish there was an Ansys equivalent in Palabos to plot refined mesh and velocities together!