Is Palabos a dead project?

Is Palabos a dead project?

The last update to Version 1.4, Release 1 was in May 16, 2013 - i.e. one and half year ago.

The last Latest news was Palabos 1.4 released.

Quite disappointing…

Dear czb,

You are right that there was a long time since the last 2013 release. Please check out the new release:

Thanks for your active participation to the forum!

Thank you for the update.

Would not it make more sense to use Github for the source code and to release the features as soon as they get implemented? I prefer a lot of tiny updates to almost two years between large updates. It also extremely difficult to grasp and understand all the changes that you made to the code. If you used Github with proper commits then it would be much more simple to follow the code evolution. You could then also better involve the Palabos community in code development, bug tracking etc. when publishing and actively using Github - by actively I mean at least one commit per month. Just to see that Palabos is still alive.

I am talking about it because I need to decide on what code to use in the future - if to maintain my own or to try to use and develop Palabos. The problem that I have with Palabos is that I do not wish to wait another 2 years for the next update.

What is status of the cloud based Palabos?

Would be nice to have an updated github where we could fork and contribute to Palabos. For example, I am setting up and improving a cmake build I would like to make a pull request to be added to Palabos.