Is half-way bounce back implemented in Palabos?

Hi Palabosers,

Does anyone know that if half-way bounce back has been implemented in Palabos? I saw only the full-way in the code.

If not, how would you suggest to develop one? Since the half-way doesn’t seem to involve a collision step so that I could not simply create a dynamic but instead, I should modify the streaming, yes?

Or, I could create a BouzidiOffLatticeModel2D based on the existing BouzidiOffLatticeModel3D?

I would very appreciate your suggestions.


Hello Song,

yes, in fact, I think it is not implemented. For the 3D case I would just modify the Bouzidi implementation and it should be pretty straight forward. But extending it to the 2D case it won’t be so trivial. In the 2D case, I would rather implement a data processor that applies a correction after streaming, this should be much easier than creating a selective streaming operator.

I hope this helps,


Hi Francesco,

Thank you for your quick reply. It is helpful. Yes, I might think about both, either implementing 2D Bouzidi or a data processor.